1:1 Personalized Guidance

Collective transformation begins with the individual. The emphasis here is the inner work of the leader—us as the leader. We get to embody a presence that yields different results in our own work, in our day to day life, the choices that we’re making, the way that we’re feeling, our impact on other people around us, and the quality of feedback that we’re receiving.

Leadership coaching is not just about being taught some kind of specific skill or being more like someone we admire. Ultimately, leadership coaching is about being able to process our experiences with somebody truly listening to us and asking us questions that open up new perspectives, challenging us in the right ways so that we can get out of our inertia with ourselves, holding us accountable, supporting us through difficulties, and celebrating our wins.

The heart of leadership coaching is a one-on-one container. We have calls either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. These are conversations that go deep and that are entirely about you and your world. You get to think out loud and feel into those aspects of yourself that maybe you’ve been turning away from or you haven’t had the opportunity to fully process. Within this container, we emerge what your truth is and what possibilities might be hidden in your inner landscape that then we can bring to the surface and start to put into being, manifestation, and results.

Having a guide helps us to navigate our way through transforming our own leadership style, our presence, and our ability to hold uncertainty, conflict, and discomfort so that then we can be a source of strength for the people in our constellations.

What I love most about leadership coaching is that the client, the leader, you, have the answers. I have my own journey, my own way of looking at the world and business, my own inspirations, my own pursuit of mastery, yet this process is not about me. This process is about you. I’m here to help guide you to clarify your goals—the what, why, and how—uncover your deepest essence, embrace your journey, and become your greatest potential.

This process feels incredibly fulfilling for me because I get to be part of creating something truly powerful, unique, and authentic in leaders who have a tremendous amount of influence and can make a big difference through this personal work.

What inevitably happens is that once the shift begins to occur, powerful feedback comes and the journey itself evolves. Once we accomplish a breakthrough, we get to integrate and apply it. What we find is that the challenges get more expansive as we expand and begin to reap rewards beyond what we imagined.

The journey of mastery is anchored into some specific goals that are personal to each individual. The focal point of the work could be a difficult relationship, some kind of a limiting belief, aversion to doing something, not knowing what to do, feeling lost, a combination of all of these things, or something else.

By anchoring into some very specific breakthroughs that we’re looking to accomplish, we make ourselves available for substantive inquiry. What is the value of this transformation and how do we measure it? What is meaningful about these accomplishments? How is reaching these goals going to shift our situation and create results?

Once we clarify goals, we establish some measurable hypothesis tests and anchor some milestones along the way. For instance: “Once I’m able to respond in this way to this person, then I believe that this might become possible.” Then we go and we try it out. We develop the skills to be able to implement the necessary actions and learn as we go.